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Two and a half years ago, in February 2014 the first Santa Cruz County Art of Guitar Festival began, and it was a smashing success. Jayme Kelly Curtis is the visionary who worked so hard to make it possible, and so many other people added their own stellar visions and talents, and it became a series of events that are still talked about fondly by everyone who was involved. The whole festival brought together a beautiful 6 week gallery show, many music performances, photography, a wonderful commemorative book publication, live hands-on guitar building demonstrations and much more. The most exciting thing about it was how it brought so many interesting people together, not just guitar folks, but anybody who could be interested and inspired by the craft and the instruments and artists that make their home in our community.


A sampling of past events

A very popular event in its inaugural year 2014, exhibits and concerts brought focus to a surprisingly large and varied number of world class guitar builders who live and work in Santa Cruz County.

  • A 6 week exhibit at the R. Blitzer Gallery made it possible to view the exquisite details of beautiful guitars closely in an intimate setting

  • A concert series featured some of the best guitar players on the planet, demonstrating gorgeous locally made guitars by renowned local builders

  • Numerous guitar related events which included films, panel discussions, and a Third Friday lutherie demonstration and party at the Museum of Art & History

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Where words fail, music speaks.
— Hans Christian Andersen